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The Practical Guide: Random Rare Word (Pukka and Pulchritude)

Posted by Sagan

Moving on to page 1,252 of my Canadian Oxford English Dictionary, we have here two words (bonus!), because I simply couldn't choose between them. They are both new to me, although the meanings of the words are simple enough. Incorporate them into your vocabulary today!

Pukka (adjective)

1. Anglo-Indian Genuine.

2. Of good quality; perfect (did a pukka job). [Hindi pakka cooked, ripe, substantial].

Also puk-kah, pucka.

It turns out there are all kinds of fascinating words that begin with the letter P. Pule, pulk, pullulate... I thought that the following word was rather pretty, though. One might even say the word is beautiful ;)


Noun: literary Beauty.

See also pulchritudinous (adjective) [Latin pulchritudo -dinis from pulcher -chri beautiful].