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Analyzing Everyday Rhetoric: Sometimes I wonder…

...why it isn't rude to talk to a person across the table from you at a restaurant, but it is rude to talk on your cell phone at a restaurant if you don't have someone in-person to chat with.

...why it is acceptable in society to ask a "young" person what their age is, but it is considered nosy to ask an older person what their age is.

...why people feel the need to demand exceptionally short or exceptionally tall people, "so exactly how tall are you?" come I've never seen a can of broccoli?

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  1. I haven’t seen a can of broccolli but I have seen a glass jar of broccolli..what’s up with that? That would be a good question for the Globe and Mail’s ‘Facts and Arguments’ column where you can post questions about unusual important issues such as this one!:)

    • A glass jar? I’m intrigued! Was it pickled? Come to think of it, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of pickled broccoli either, but I guess that just about anything can be pickled…

      Maybe I SHOULD ask that question in the Globe & Mail. It certainly is an important issue that we should all take the time to contemplate deeply.

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