The Food Label Movement

The Food Label Movement was co-founded by myself and Nicole Choptain, CHN, in September 2010 in an attempt to increase consumer awareness of the foods that we eat and to increase transparency between consumers and food manufacturers. Navigating the grocery store can be difficult enough with all the choices that are made available to us, but with misleading labels on food products, it is even more challenging to determine what – and how much – we are truly eating.

The intentions driving this project involve:

  • Improving nutrition labelling on food products;
  • Enhancing transparency between consumer and manufacturer;
  • Increasing consumer awareness to promote healthy lifestyle changes.

Although we are a Canadian-based organization, we hope that people around the world will share our concerns. No matter where you are in the world, you can support The Food Label Movement by signing our petition and getting involved with this cause. Nutrition label laws are a global issue.

Join The Food Label Movement:

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