Health Philosophy

I believe that balance is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Fun and enjoyment are a necessity of life, and hopefully this site will show you that being healthy is all about emphasizing living well and getting the maximum enjoyment out of everything you do! When you are living healthy, you are building up your immune system, strengthening your mind and body, fueling yourself with nutrients that will help you to grow and progress, and becoming stronger, faster, confident, aware, and bettering yourself all around.


I try to eat as little processed foods as possible, and prefer to eat natural, whole foods. I avoid additives and usually prefer to eat many smaller meals frequently throughout the day. Food is fuel, and food should also taste fantastic. You can find many healthy recipes on my blog. I love to experiment in the kitchen and while it doesn’t always turn out as I had hoped, I still learn something from my mistakes and perfecting dishes until they taste exactly as I want them to.

Everything in moderation, including nutritious eats, is very important. I also completely endorse indulging once in a while – it will taste that much better, and you will also learn over time that the healthy food really does often taste far better than any chemically-laden packaged food that you can find in the grocery store. I do not believe in fad diets, nor do I condone heavy use of supplements. I avoid taking most kinds of medication and drugs because a lot of the time they seem to do more harm than good. Most of our health problems can be sorted out simply if we take better care of ourselves: eating well, exercising often, and above all enjoying life.

I enjoy eating a variety of foods and will often “flirt” with various types of eating (such as raw til dinner, mostly-vegan, etc.). I choose humanely-raised, local, grass-fed and nest-laid meats and meat products when possible and do my best to get to know farmers and local business owners so that I can be as aware as possible about what happened to my food before it arrived on my plate.


Walking, to me, is the best possible exercise there is. Because it is low impact, almost anyone can participate in this “sport”, and the health benefits that are associated with walking are phenomenal. I try to walk for at least an hour each day.

It is also important to try to achieve a balance of many different kinds of activities, so I like to do strength training (with dumbbells or with just using my own body weight; both are excellent choices), stretching (yoga and pilates are great for increasing flexibility), and other forms of cardio. I have been a member at a number of fantastic gyms (the local YMCA, the University of Winnipeg gym, Good Life Fitness, and Pro(Ag)gressive Fitness), in which I attended fitness classes and boot camps – I tend to change up my routine a couple times each year to keep it fresh.

Everyone is going to have their own fitness style which works best for them, and all forms of exercise – be they super intense bursts or gentler, longer stretches of time – are going to be great for your body!

Emotional and Mental Health

Combining good nutrition with exercising every day is going to contribute to a much better state of health when it comes to your mind. Your brain functions better when it has a steady flow of powerful nutrients fueling the body and when the body is on the go, moving around. Exercise is also a great form of therapy. If you are surrounded by people day after day, it’s really important to take some time for yourself to relax and just focus on you. Likewise, if you spend much of your time alone, it is good to get out there and socialize! We need to have a good balance of everything to nourish our minds and bodies and to be able to be in a good place emotionally. Think positive and appreciate what you have! Life is too short to be miserable.

Societal and Environmental Health

A huge part of living healthy is being able to live in harmony with others and our environment. Treating others well is good for the body and the mind! We can give back to the environment and our communities by supporting local businesses and eating food as close to it’s natural state as possible. Rather than waste the food we don’t want, it’s better to save the extra food and either use it for other recipes (such as soups), or give it away to someone who does want it.

To be a little more eco-friendly, we can choose organic foods and take the time to research the production process of the food we eat. How far has your food traveled? How old is it? Who has benefited or been exploited for it? How much has it been processed? These are all important questions to ask.


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  2. I loved this post Sagan! It is truly how I feel as well. Health is multi-faceted as much as diets, fitness and all the facets of health are also multi-faceted. It is about balancing everything but acknowleding that you need to nourish all aspects as well. :)

  3. Found you through comments at the Great Fitness Experiment. I just wanted to mention I named my son Sagan (he’s almost 2). Such a rare and beautiful name. My family and I are developing a strong interest in fitness and enjoy your blog also. Thanks for blogging!


  4. Leaving well, as you said, truly encompasses everything around you…from your inner self and out to people around you…and even being one with nature, being eco-friendly by choosing a healthy diet from naturally grown foods…so to speak…i like that…

  5. Great outlook and health philosophy! I agree about walking. It’s probably my favorite form of exercise.

    (Going down the Fitbloggin’ attendees list before this weekend. Maybe we’ll meet in person through the throngs of bloggers. It will be easy to remember your name.)
    Jenn (GH) recently posted..Today…

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