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Hi, I’m Sagan and I am a freelance writer and editor (with a B.A. in Rhetoric, Writing & Communications), as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Living Healthy in the Real World is a blog which covers topics of general health and wellness, nutrition and food, fitness, emotional health and well-being, mental health, natural and holistic remedies, and lifestyle issues.

This blog is updated every Monday (on topics of nutrition and fitness) and Thursday (on topics of emotional and mental health, body image, environmental health, and anything else health-related that doesn’t fall under food and exercise).

sagan morrow

Sagan Morrow, Freelance Editor & Writer

As a health writer, I love to experiment with recipes and try out new fitness programs, and I like to share my experiences with you on my blog. I also do many book and product reviews, and anything reviewed on my site is done objectively regardless of whether or not I have received the product for free directly from the company (in which case I will always make a note of it). For any companies wishing to send me products or books to review, send me an e-mail at sagan.morrow@gmail.com or check out my Blog Media Kit—I would be more than happy to take your idea into consideration.

Please feel free to check out my other blogs:

You can also follow me on Twitter, visit me on Instagram, find me on LinkedIn, and check out my pictures on Pinterest. You can access my blogs and social media pages at the Living in the Real World main page.

I am available for freelance editing and writing work as well as facilitating workshops and presentations. Contact me with your proposal; fees are negotiable.

Learning about health and gathering information is a top priority for me and you’ll find lots of book reviews and recommendations around here. One of the best ways to spread knowledge and awareness is to share what we know, so don’t hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment! I’m open to discussion and am very interested in hearing your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Feel free to e-mail me at sagan.morrow@gmail.com—I’d love to chat!


  1. Hey Sagan – I’m doing a post tomorrow on the propellant that is in PAM, and I vaguely remember you did a similar post a while ago. I’d like to review it to consider linking to it. :) Can you send me a link? Thanks much!

  2. Hi, I am the owner of the blog http://www.zippy-health.com. I am quite impressed with the quality and popularity of your Blog. I would really feel proud to post some of my posts to your Blog as the Guest Post. We are enriched with some of the best Blog writers and it will be a great mutual benefit to both of us. I strongly believe that sharing increases the benefits!! So, considering the better future of us, let’s move a step towards the better relationship of ours. Thank you.

  3. Hi,

    Nice to read about you, and it gives me a great pleasure to know that people are looking into the culture of Hunza, and its ways of life which the people have lived for ages, i want to thank you for your cause, which i rate is one of great causes; to help and inform people about their health and diet to protect themselves.

    Good luck with your bizzy timez,


  4. Hi, your friend Alana gave me your website and talked about your info. I like what you are doing with blogging. I kind of started a blog but didn’t pursue it. Its about “healthylifestyle.”

    To tell you more about me, I am an Athletic Therapist and A Fitness Trainer and would like to share my ideas like yours to others. Its great looking through your post and I will be checking it out frequently.


  5. Hey there, would love to pick your brain about leg length, lift, etc….I’ve been thru it all (or at least I think I have)…15mm anatomically short femur… currently doing a 8mm lift in Mizuno WaveRiders…lately a bout with chondromalacia by have a few IM’s under me belt…shooting for 2 next year.

  6. Hey, Sagan…I am just starting my blog spot and as I said we have similar goal in life, trying to live healthy through healthy diet and fitness lifestyle. I also have the Therapist knowledge in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Perhaps you we can share ideas on what I should write about as one of my goal is to be a better writer. Please do check out the blog and I hope to update it soon.


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